Monday, July 08, 2013

The County Sized Incubator

This baby lizard sat still for a macro shot for me yesterday. I guess the reptiles are rather loving this weather--I walked to lunch to-day and had to stop at a place halfway to where I'd intended to go. I just couldn't continue.

To-day I've been colouring. I now have nine pages left to colour in this thing before I release it in its first twenty five page instalment, also a cover to create and a web site to put together. I'm projecting a Friday release right now. Certainly before Comic-Con, which is next Thursday. Hopefully the heat'll die down by then--anyway, the Con is only a few feet from the bay. Really, it's so close I think a long jumper might be able to get to water if he or she sprang from the top of the convention centre. Don't try it. Of course, it got up to 111 Fahrenheit at the Con one year anyway.

Here are some more pictures I've taken lately;

Twitter Sonnet #525

Powder doughnut smudges corrupt the rain.
Clouds that gather in Krispy Kreme divide.
No-one guesses beneath glaze is dough pain.
Through the mocking spit guard we will decide.
Matter transfers cash through silver hub caps.
A remembered dog looms over the duck.
A giraffe will wear inadequate chaps.
There's a whole warehouse of tuneless throat luck.
The pink tendrils conduct the wan halos.
Seas wound drum tight take over the tape deck.
Surreptitious ceiling fans watch furloughs.
The lost tanker was classified a wreck.
Long coffee pots circle back to perky.
Islands of black lashes keep pools murky.

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