Wednesday, July 17, 2013

They're Gathering

I turned into a neighbourhood and parked my car a few days ago to answer my phone and this couple of ravens either didn't notice me or they're less frightened of cars than people. I watched as the small bird on the left attacked them while they foraged on the lawn;

I've seen these little birds dive bombing crows and ravens before, I guess to defend their nests.

To-night's Preview Night at Comic-Con. I'll be going in to pick up my badge and enormous bag of advertisements. Then I have to pick Amee and her boyfriend up from the airport. Expect short and less frequent entries from me over the next four days and absurdly long entries every day next week. Well, hopefully I'll see more this year than last year. I'm certainly ready to wait in line, with all the peanut butter and jelly I bought a couple days ago.

Twitter Sonnet #528

Brandy magnets galvanise the white horse.
The high ceiling watches the robot hope.
Carpet bookshelves compel kittens perforce.
Useful are the steak knives carved out of soap.
Hang glider eyes climb beneath blue shadow.
Anomalous senses strike the new brow.
Muddy streaks of clouds grip the tomato.
Electric foam numbs the one on the bow.
Fading cornstalks kill the vanishing point.
Noise is a butter knife written in jam.
Wicker offices have pins to anoint.
A good octopus has gone on the lam.
Senator Binks is an amphibian.
Oceanids take us to Albion.

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