Monday, December 02, 2013

Spheres and Horns

Still trying to remember my dreams. Last night I was in an enormous, empty hanger at night with a small, extremely busy Starbucks in one corner. I also dreamt Romana II (from Doctor Who) was fighting an evil clone of herself. Each was in her own glass sphere at least partially filled with water. They were connected by a blue tube that looked like a fallopian tube. One Romana crawled through the tube and managed to strangle the other who turned into a small glass sphere held in the remaining Romana's hand. Inside the sphere were dry, blue and pink particles like the gravel at the bottom of a fish tank. All of this took place on a bright green lawn.

Doing a Google video search for Romana II, I see there are a lot of Ten/Romana II mashup videos. I'm a little afraid to look at them as much as I love both characters.

I didn't leave my apartment all day yesterday. I never even opened the front door. Which was nice but probably not healthy. Fortunately I'll be getting plenty of exercise to-day walking up the hill to school.

The clip above is from "The Horns of Nimon" which has a minotaur. You can watch the serial in its entirety here.

Twitter Sonnet #571

Blackened puddles solicit the dry rain.
Frozen phoney headphones clamp the question.
Fly wing crops crumble across the red plain.
Tentacle willow is fall's last bastion.
Colour planet desk ball bearing men swing.
Frosted stars slung along green rails glimmer.
Forest cables collaborate on string.
Weaponised eggs in black radars simmer.
Four brains ride a two aisle bus southward.
Poorly packed abacuses spill on us.
Volcano nymphs have drawn Susan Hayward.
Lava leaves the land with no car or bus.
Knights dig digital holes in the beach sand.
Nameless stones play blind Go in a fake land.

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