Thursday, July 24, 2014

Comic Con Preview Space Sonnet

I have a NASA pin now.

Twitter Sonnet 649

Sanded knee paper adheres to elbow.
Sliding exercise rocks belong to Gym.
Platinum mist resolves to Jean Harlow.
Corkscrew chipmunks May Pole the ash's limb.
A turned television sussed the bottle.
Trashless hashtags dissemble the ball cap.
The listless sky-writing drags the throttle.
Street lanes of dull murders condemn the sap.
Short sleeved pin shame kept the metal basket.
Organic lightsabre robes fade in smoke.
Clean air concrete falls on the bad gasket.
Ragged ostriches assembled your Coke.
Toys find Christmas faster than rats or cars.
The moon made man designs round trips to Mars.

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