Thursday, July 03, 2014

The Power of the Ice

At the ice rink to-day because after a few spurts of life this morning the cable's been dead at my apartment all day. I'd intended to stay in all day working on my comic but I guess that isn't in the cards. Hopefully I'll be able to upload the next Boschen and Nesuko chapter on schedule though if my internet's not back by to-morrow I may have to wait until Saturday. Though if it's like last time, my cable'll be back and I'll have spent all this time labouriously copying and pasting lines of my Twitter sonnet on a touch screen for nothing. Maybe I ought to get a proper laptop. There's a big bearded guy sitting on the floor in here giggling at the Apple laptop on his actual lap top. He looks normal enough. Maybe I can be normal too.

Twitter Sonnet #642

The pointless pizza paved the food detour.
Time buried even Neanderthal peas.
The never ending vacuum cleans Falkor.
The squeaky bagel gets the creamless cheese.
Staccato cups rejected at no price.
Otto, make that goblet more expensive.
We're all in the stars but some of it's rice.
Noodle Brow has grown ever more pensive.
Projects not countenanced regress the tree.
Real dead skulls tell Ardipithecus tales.
Flavourless freezers keep a plastic sea.
Cold wooden cubes flip for alien whales.
Ether ice rinks cool for broken cable.
Paper straws are all over the table.

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