Thursday, January 29, 2015

Revel In Blandness

It took over eighteen hours to make my dinner last night. You think making a burrito is simple? Well, yes, you just put beans and cheese and maybe rice and an assortment of other things in a tortilla. But I've always wanted to make a burrito from scratch, make my own refried beans, my own tortillas. Mainly because of salt. I hate salt. I'm just tired of it. So, beginning by soaking the beans overnight and then letting them cook in my crock pot for five and a half hours, then finally making the tortillas, I succeeded. And it was a bland meal. A wonderfully bland meal. Oh, I added chilli powder and hot sauce but it lacked that certain salty something, that something forced on you just about everywhere else.

The recipe I used for the beans called for six cloves of garlic, minced, but I used my Japanese grater instead, turning it into a paste. The result was a batch of beans that really strongly smelt of garlic. Which was fine. Though I was much happier with how the tortillas turned out, even if they were too small.

I ended up with what you might call "open faced" burritos which I folded and ate like tacos. For the tortillas all I used was organic, all purpose flour, water, extra virgin olive oil, and cooking spray for the skillet. I could have cooked my own rice but I had some microwavable brown rice in my freezer I wanted to use.

This morning I watched the first episode of Attack on Titan, a new very popular anime series from Production I.G. So far it strikes me as being Elizabethan Evangelion with an insecure young man living in a city being assaulted by mysterious, gigantic beings.

I like the dark and detailed style and the animation isn't bad. I can see myself watching at least a couple more episodes.

Twitter Sonnet #711

Stick musician insects will fit no coat.
Kind rolling rivers of trumpets play mute.
Good cheese comes from the most distinguished goat.
Poor careless Lizard became but a newt.
Yellow flamingo tongues convey syrup.
Balloon quest wrappers now await the sky.
Indicative remains cannot hiccup.
In wooden caves Samus cannot retry.
Loud alien folly artists use rice.
A false rainstorm torments the metal sheet.
Divided spoons'll scoop refried beans twice.
The slower sun at length revealed the beet.
Unmeasured gin did foresee deadened mould.
Blank curses blink nurses for the Rheingold.

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