Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Rivers and Oceans

When I started my car last Wednesday, I got a message on my dashboard telling me the power steering needed service. I called the dealership since my car's still under warranty but couldn't get an appointment until Tuesday, yesterday morning, at which point I learned there was nothing wrong with my steering, it was only a computer problem.

Being mostly trapped in and around my apartment for six days made me want to go all over the place afterwards. I took a lot of pictures--the first forty are of the Fashion Valley shopping mall parking garage and portion of the San Diego river across the street--the same river that used to run past where I lived, though several miles downstream of it. That's the main thing I miss about my old neighbourhood, walking over that river every day. The last twenty pictures are from some tide pools in La Jolla to-day at around noon.

Twitter Sonnet #706

A timed tuber deployment shunted dirt.
Regressed soil symptoms surprised the worm.
Valises stacked in case closets inert.
Yellow sickles finished the moon's last term.
Grey glitter rains along concrete trolleys.
A crucial cracker HAS refused its cheese.
Maguires divorced fraternal Mollies.
You'll know the social insect by his knees.
The best of weavers are called Sigourney.
The past replaced a ghostly young climber.
Atreides trained with Warmaster Gurney.
Grey houndstooth roses recall a timer.
Three shirts signal the trouser over coat.
Sitcom parade balloons've sunk the boat.

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