Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Burning the Candle with Fire

This was me last night:

I have the most obnoxious neighbours I've had in my life. 'Til 3am they were making noise and I foolishly tried to get to bed at one. I already talked to them a couple nights ago when I couldn't hear True Detective over their racket. I went and knocked on the door across the hall and heard everyone inside shushing each other as though I was going to think they suddenly vanished. The girl who I'd already spoken to a couple days earlier came to the door and I again politely asked for quiet at night and she quickly nodded with blank eyes that told me she didn't care but they were at least quiet for the rest of that night. Then last night, as I said, they were back at it, rebooted.

I bought earplugs but they're so loud they get through the earplugs. I don't know how I'm going to get up at 6am on Thursday for Comic Con. That's an hour after I heard the last of my neighbour's friends finally slam his car door and drive away this morning. I guess I'll speak to the apartment manager to-day and I'll call the cops if I hear them to-night. I honestly don't know how people get to be so inconsiderate. They are quite young. I've passed a few of them in the hall, the guys snicker at me behind my back, one of the girls doesn't even react when I say hello, she passed me carrying two wine bottles in one hand yesterday.

To-day I set aside for getting ready for the Con. I'm trying to think of something to pack for my lunches, I want something that isn't messy or drippy. I'm leaning towards sandwiches but I don't want to spend too much time making lunch in the morning. I'm wondering how good cold boxty is.

The Doctor Who panel is on Thursday, which is strange, it's usually on Sunday. I wonder if there's any point in trying to get in since the whole thing will likely be on YouTube. I'm definitely thinking of giving the Star Wars panel a miss since I've read there'll be no footage from the upcoming film, the only thing people in the audience generally aren't allowed to record. If I got into Hall H for it, I'd likely be sitting near the back watching the panel on big screens anyway. But if it turns out to be easier to get in, I might try it. My suspicion is the Star Wars panel isn't going to be nearly as hard to get into as people are predicting, it doesn't have the kind of fanbase a Twilight has, for example--Star Wars fans don't currently have the sort of addict quality the Twilight fans have which caused them to risk life, limb, and comfortable bathroom accommodations. I still meet plenty of young people who've never seen a Star Wars film and seem faintly afraid of the idea of seeing one.

I haven't actually heard of a panel yet I especially want to see but nonetheless I'm eagerly looking forward to the Con. So many people complain about it--it is smelly and crowded and difficult to navigate but I'm always, always sorry to see it end.

Twitter Sonnet #767

Blue finger foundations shelter the toes.
Gojira jelly leaves no after taste.
For harps a rocking chair cherished its Mose.
No nightingale granted a gift replaced.
Ghostly star field famine munches the knocks.
Curling Lamborghini knowledge gestures
Off'ring religions jury rigged for clocks.
Misplaced placards condemn diamond pastures.
Heaven's vision zeroes on random beds.
Everywhere walrus ramscoops scour scotch.
Baseball boomerangs redeem doubtful Feds.
Always waffles limit the mitts on watch.
Open navy voucher cheeses spoil.
Crimson silos lev'rage jolly oil.

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