Sunday, March 06, 2016

In the Clouds

I had to go across the street early one morning because I'd forgotten to buy coffee the previous day. I got some photos of a plane passing over the market.

I live somewhat close to an airport now and planes pass over all the time. Somehow it doesn't bother me. It hasn't woken me from sleep yet. It is slightly surreal; there's a Bruegelian quality about having these human activities crowded together into the same landscape. Here I am eating breakfast; a short distance away a businessman is getting in from Ontario or somewhere.

I'm so glad I'm finished moving stuff. I still have unpacking to do, something I've put off a bit until I've had the book cases to put stuff in. My last place had a lot more storage space despite being a smaller apartment, now I have to make up for it. I bought a couple book cases at Ikea on Friday and assembled one of them yesterday. The bottom two shelves are now filled with books I read or am in the process of reading for Dekpa and Deborah, my comic set in the seventeenth century. Oh, and in case you're wondering when the next chapter for that is coming, I have no idea. Maybe two weeks from now. My two desks I normally keep together had to be parted because of the snafu with my cable internet so I have to use my computer in the living room. I don't like having it so far from where its fans can lull me to sleep and its scheduled tasks can wake me up in the morning. More importantly, it's irritating not having it nearby to play music or to give me google image searches when I'm drawing. I'll probably try to make do with my laptop.

I started watching an Italian movie from 1973 called Malicious (Malizia) last night but finally gave up after ten minutes or so because the subtitles were so bad.

I suspect this was an Italian DVD that boasted English subtitles as a special feature and no-one working on the DVD knew enough English to verify the translation.

It's not the first time I've come across a file like this. I may look for a better subtitle file, this seems like a good movie, but last night I took the subtitles as an excuse to let Fallout 4 suck four more hours out of my life. To-night, I'm going to try to keep myself away from the video games.

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