Monday, February 18, 2019

Perception of True Detecting

Last night's True Detective pulled the rug out from under revelations the show made in previous episodes and held a few new surprises. Mostly I'm happy with the new twists but continue to enjoy the character development even more. The relationship between Wayne and Roland takes a more definite and interesting shape with this episode.

Spoilers after the screenshot

"I didn't realise how different we were," Wayne (Mahershala Ali) tells Roland (Stephen Dorff) in 2015 in apologising for his side of the argument in 1990. I'm not sure whether Wayne really means it; I think if he had it to do again, Wayne would've pushed just as hard for the investigation. In 2015, he basically has it to do again. Or does he?

In the final climax, Roland seems to realise that there really is a black sedan outside, staking out Wayne's home. Except Wayne suddenly finds himself alone, opening the possibility that Roland in 2015 might just be an illusory manifestation of Wayne's unresolved issues with his old friend, much like the phantom of Amelia (Carmen Ejogo) or the Vietnamese soldiers. I found myself thinking of the line from The Orville a couple weeks ago about how attraction between people is based on their projections on each other.

What does Wayne mean about he and Roland being different? There has been some suggestion that Tom (Scoot McNairy) may have been gay and we know Roland never married. It could be Roland and Tom were more than just friends? Though I suspect, if that's the case, neither one ever admitted it to himself.

I love the fact that the guy seemingly revealed as the villain last week, Harris James (Scott Shepherd), is killed by Roland during a botched interrogation, though I found it hard to believe Wayne would fall for Harris' ruse and uncuff him.

One of the really big things that happened quietly, of course, is the appearance of Rust Cole and Marty Hart on Elisa's (Sarah Gadon) laptop, confirming that season three, unlike season two, is set in the same universe as season one. Now the odds seem really good there's something supernatural involved. Whatever happens next week, I still have my fingers crossed, hoping the priest doesn't turn out to be the paedophile.

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