Monday, February 11, 2019

Pink Room Detected

We got at least one big revelation in last night's new episode of True Detective, "Hunters in the Dark", and we got some hint as to the disagreement that fractured Wayne and Roland's friendship. But my favourite thing continues to be the relationship between Wayne and Amelia.

Spoilers after the screenshot

In one of the increasingly scarce 1981 segments, Amelia (Carmen Ejogo) compulsively starts to explain to Wayne (Mahershala Ali) that she's not normally so easy once they've slept together. But Wayne calmly tells her he's not judging her, and, of course, he wouldn't. If we've learned one thing, Wayne is guy who prefers straight answers.

Possibly this is what makes him so good at aggressive interrogations. But not quite as aggressive as Tom (Scoot McNairy) who, unsurprisingly, does not seem to be guilty as Julie seemed to indicate from her phone call. When Wayne and Roland confronted him about that call, the simmering sense of betrayal on Roland's face was good, actor Stephen Dorff going with something nicely subtle when a lot of actors would've been wolfing down the scenery.

It's Tom who beats the crap out of another informant. It would make sense that Tom would be a little more desperate to find answers now that he's implicated as a suspect. And so he finds the "Pink Room" we've been hearing about.

"The Pink Room" is also the title of a track on the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me soundtrack, by the way. I doubt it's related, but with all of the hidden clues and references in season one, who knows? Julie's confusion about her father's identity is certainly reminiscent of Laura Palmer's relationship with her father.

It's a bit of a drag the killer was unmasked in the same episode that introduced him. I guess I should be happy it didn't turn out to be the priest or something equally hackneyed. I hope this guy's motives end up being more interesting that paedophilia, too.

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