Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Taking a Sebacean at Her Word

Moya finally returns in an episode of Farscape that tests the years of trust and loyalty that have accrued among her crew. But this ship is home, a fact sweetly underlined when D'Argo tells Pilot that Moya looks beautiful and Pilot conveys Moya's gratitude to the Luxan.

Season Four, Episode Five: Promises

The first person Crichton (Ben Browder) sees in the hanger is the long lost Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black). A damper is put on their reunion when she collapses from heat delirium. Apparently she'd gotten out of bed just long enough to make Crichton promise not to kill Scorpius (Wayne Pygram).

It's not hard to see where the episode got its title. Aeryn promised Scorpius he wouldn't be hurt, Crichton promises Aeryn not to hurt him. And so the ties of affection prevent the human from going all out in acting on that affection in the natural way; taking revenge on the man who tried to kill Aeryn.

Except Scorpius, as a prelude to finally extracting Harvey (Wayne Pygram), points out it was the neural clone, not Scorpius himself, who'd tried to kill Aeryn. The reasoning here feels a bit fragile and the events of several season two episodes in particular seem to argue against the thought that Scorpius was really so benign. But, then again, it's not as though the crew of Moya are saints themselves.

The episode ends with Aeryn seemingly happy to rejoin the crew but with Crichton calling her on not being forthright about her pregnancy. So much for mutual trust and promises.

It turns out Aeryn had been far indeed from a saint in her time away from Moya and some enemies she'd made working as an assassin show up looking for vengeance. It's a really neat stand-off plot as D'Argo (Anthony Simcoe) and Crichton go aboard to try to negotiate for a cure to Aeryn's illness. Aeryn, meanwhile, is doing some cute Scorpius cosplay in a coolant suit.

She even gets to play Harvey in one scene and Claudia Black shows she can do a pretty dead-on Wayne Pygram impression.

This is also the episode where Pilot (Lani Tupu) decides it's time the crew elect a captain. Considering promises turn out not to be a reliable system of coordination among the group, maybe reverting to a hierarchical structure isn't such a bad idea. Though Crichton has usually acted as de facto captain anyway. It's not unlike the way pirate ships used to work in which the captain usually hadn't any real power except during a battle in which his commands were expected to be obeyed.

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