Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Day is a Treadmill

Twitter Sonnet #34

Sink water is pretty clean for the hands.
Two glasses of drinking water's not cheap.
Dangerous aliens have acid glands.
Jeff Bridges has a secret hover jeep
A blank screen can start a nasty rumour.
Jerri Blank is never acceptable.
The tall centaurs have no sense of humour.
But to courtesy they're susceptible.
One axe is better than two if it's big.
Grindhouse violence is cheap, potent tender.
Economic traps are easy to rig.
Mary Poppins is greater than gender.
You won't be too dry when you have oil.
Entropy is the fate of a foil.

I had million and one errands to-day, beginning with the wonderland of Wal-Mart and its denizens of mullet men and angry, enormous women on motorised buggies with noisy children running around them (I was there for an oil change).

Later, my quests took me west to Ocean Beach. Here are some pictures;

Cat in a window I walked past.

One of the many wild parrots in Ocean Beach. A passing woman, who saw me taking the picture, explained the legend was that hundreds of them escaped from a pet shop sixty years ago. You hear them a lot more often than you see them.

Our pelican overlords and their surfing serfs.

View from the end of the pier.

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