Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Whole Court is Out of Order

Twitter Sonnet #29

Pea soup for lunch makes me very tired.
So I take an apple for my upper.
But my real pep's totally expired.
My horse for your kingdom or a supper.
I ought to have bought a better brandy.
What I have is as smooth as granola.
There needs to be more ready eye candy.
I'd see movies made by Mike Mignola.
I'd see solid colours guide drunken eyes.
Good Greek food is usually worth the wait.
There's no need to carefully analyse.
The best food is too often used for bait.
Good ideas are strange and scary to eat.
And there's something vaguely sad in the meat.

Yesterday I got the good Greek veggie plate and took it to Tim's where he and I played World of Warcraft for a while. He told me that, apparently, people who violate WOW rules somehow are sent to a room with no doors and a GM meets them in character to interrogate them. It actually sounds kind of cool to break the rules in WOW.

Not much else to say about yesterday--I watched a movie last night, but I don't have time now to talk about it. Instead, here's some video I took a few minutes ago, in which Snow frustrates my efforts to document the death of a bee;

In a rush, I figured out how to add music to a video clip with Windows Movie Maker. This is all too easy . . . The music's public domain, Ella Fitzgerald, "Sing Song Sing".

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