Friday, June 05, 2009

Lunch's Travels

I walked to lunch yesterday and took my camera with me. Here's the first of many shots of the moon;

The long shadow of Setsuled.

I don't know enough about ducks to say what they're doing here. Duck moot?

As I was taking video of the ducks, a crying teenage girl walked up to me and asked if she could use my cell phone. "Sure," I said, "but the battery dies pretty fast." As she was dialling a number, a guy fishing a few feet away said she could use his phone. She thanked me, gave me back my phone, and went to use the guy's. I went back to duck taping and caught part of her conversation in this video;

The guy asked her if she was okay and she said she was. Then he asked her if she was getting him involved with anything--people can be such pricks sometimes. A crying kid walks up to you, and you think, "What about me?!"

It was late afternoon, and it seemed to me she probably just broke up with a boyfriend who'd also been her ride home. She didn't look physically hurt or anything.

Yo, a rabbit 'n shit.

The shrubs the rabbit disappeared into. Looks like they were somehow sliced into a perfect cross-section for the path--I love the fact that beneath the pretty white flowers there are shelves of cobwebs. They look like gills.

The moon again. Pointing the camera straight up.

Again, the moon, from the grocery store parking lot. I went there to get pasta sauce for dinner after I'd finished my lunch at Subway--a footlong Veggie Delight, in case you were wondering. Mayonnaise, avocado, provolone, swiss, lettuce, and olives on white bread. Nothing else. I don't get the oil, vinegar, salt, or pepper.

The path home.

Inevitably, the camera starts to crap out at night.

The ducks were still out in force and, instead of being spooked by the sounds produced by my plastic grocery bag, they quickly mobbed me--they probably associate the sound with people carrying bread. I lowered the camera amongst them, but got zero visibility. Just the sounds of mad, duck laughter;

Last night's tweets;

The ducks are laughing faintly in the dark.
Don't depend on my cell phone's battery.
There's a minor mob of birds at the park.
Ever ready to practice flattery.

Last night's spider in my bathroom;

Or daddy-longlegs.

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