Friday, June 19, 2009

It Might be Easier to Remember the Past in the Future

Twitter Sonnet #31

I met several spiders throughout the day.
All work and treks to-day were slowly done.
When the bat's away the zombies will play.
I think some people seem bored of fun.
Some buttons will do bonus secret things.
Apple products oughta be edible.
Prefab hardware is the domain of kings.
To serfs it's sweet but indigestible.
To-night mixed Malibu and Bacardi.
Called it the "I Have Enough Rum" cocktail.
It probably makes some kind of party.
But I fear inertia shall yet prevail.
A cat sits precisely in the centre.
Of a room that's only real in winter.

It's odd how the day where I got plenty of sleep turns out to be lazier than the day where I got barely any. Maybe it's because on days where I haven't slept I tend always to feel like I'm forgetting something. When I've had enough sleep, I kind of don't care if I'm forgetting anything.

So to-day I went to lunch with my mother and sister and then watched Out of the Past with my sister. Always an enjoyable movie. With breakfast to-day I watched the new episode of Haruhi Suzumiya, the second new episode of this season, broadcast three weeks after the first.

The first season, released in 2006, was initially broadcast out of chronological order, creating a different narrative by putting the bigger events near the end and some of the more low key events that take place later, earlier in the series, which also gave the show a fascinating non-linear feel. Then one watched the show in chronological order and appreciated it in a different way, and now the old episodes are being presented in a chronological order but with fourteen episodes dispersed among them, and already I'm seeing lines in the older episodes suddenly taking on new meaning from the context. It's almost like Brion Gysin's cut-up technique being applied to a show. That some of the episodes involve time travel adds yet another layer of fun.

This is shaping up to be a good year for anime, with the next season of Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei premiering next month. I only hope it's fansubbed by a group willing to encode their files properly.

I found myself watching a lot of Chuck Berry videos to-day for some reason. This set of clips someone put together gives some interesting perspective;

It's weird how he's not talked about as much as other rock legends. I suppose part of the problem is that he's still touring. It reminds me of Peter Bogdanovich saying on the Citizen Kane DVD commentary how Orson Welles predicted people would love him when he was dead--and it's true. The years before his death, Welles was reduced to doing commercials and hosting cheesy TV documentaries, unable to get funding for his own projects. But after his death, he became a god in the world of cinema. I suppose it all has to do with ego.

Well, I've wasted too much of to-day. I'd better get to the grocery store . . .

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