Friday, June 26, 2009

I'z in Ur Wormhole, Disrupting Ur Timeline

Twitter Sonnet #33

Five apples will usually defeat four.
Coppola's claret's better the third day.
Most cars are much too noisy to ignore.
Yet they have very little to convey.
In the evening, stone ducks won't run from cats.
Split pea soup oddly resists exploding.
I avoid a variety of fats.
But some banks never commence eroding.
On the fifth day, the claret's not so great.
Plastic plants never want to be broken.
Lots of people don't mean there's a long wait.
A caterpillar army has woken.
Kittens can be consumed by pure wrath.
Cats quietly project psychic bloodbath.

Looks like I forgot to finish the sonnet yesterday--that's how tired I was. I guess I'll pass last night's four tweets onto the next sonnet, which were;

Sink water is pretty clean for the hands.
Two glasses of drinking water's not cheap.
Dangerous aliens have acid glands.
Jeff Bridges has a secret hover jeep.

I think I actually got eight hours of sleep to-day and I woke up at 12:30. That's progress. After yesterday's marathon, I think to-day shall be dedicated to slacking off in the most satisfying ways I can manage.

With breakfast I watched the new Haruhi Suzumiya. The previous episode had been a pretty low key, "summer vacation" episode where the characters just engaged in various normal summer activities like swimming, lighting fireworks, going to a bon festival, and catching cicadas.

To-day's episode featured the characters living through the same events, though with Kyon, the POV character, experiencing deja vu. Eventually, he and the esper character discover Haruhi has trapped them in a time loop of that particular August. This show just keeps being great.

Anyway, remember there's a new Venia's Travels online to-day. And here are a couple new cat videos;

EDIT I was rather irritated to discover YouTube chopped off the end of the new Snow video below so I deleted it and uploaded a new version with a credits sequence comprised of two periods. Hopefully that's enough image information so no-one freaks out too much from black screen. What the fuck, YouTube? I'll do my own editing, motherfucker.

Edit again It got fucked up again. Nevermind, maybe I'll fuck with it later. I'm too hungry now.

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