Monday, June 22, 2009

Diversions of Dubious Value

Yes, I know I forgot to say, "Please." The music is "New Shoes" by Angelo Badalamenti from the second Twin Peaks soundtrack.

Twitter Sonnet #32

All my energy sleeps with the pasta.
Space gods drained me dry on the first of May.
My massive scanner is not from NASA.
Nintendo Cylon heads would be flat grey.
A small grey mob has taken the concrete.
Doozers shall change radishes to fuel.
Please tell car companies not to compete.
Shanghai Lily is on call through Yule.
Pez dispensers can't feed you for a week.
Dusk is overcrowded with fishermen.
A wealth of feeding tubes beset the meek.
Consider the gravid grace of the hen.
Good eggs might be ghosts in the glib present.
Their broken shells make life sharply pleasant.

I was really sleepy yesterday for some reason, and it wasn't until around 11:30pm that I finished pencilling a page. This is pretty sharp contrast to Saturday, when I pencilled and inked two pages. I have a backlog of pages to colour now and still three pages to draw. Hopefully I won't spend all day on Thursday colouring.

I don't know why I was so sleepy yesterday. Amanda Palmer twittered about The Smiths' Hatful of Hollow, which put me in the mood to listen to it, and I ended up just lying down and staring at the ceiling with it playing, rather like Duckie in Pretty in Pink, I guess, except there was no Molly Ringwald for me to mope over.

I switched to Nine Inch Nails' Pretty Hate Machine, which made me feel a little more energetic, but not much.

I tried out a couple more anime series this morning--Mushishi and Queen's Blade, mainly on the strength of the fact that both seem to be popular. Mushishi is very pretty, and seems to be courting a kind of Lain meets Princess Mononoke vibe, but it's supernatural entities aren't nearly as imaginative as Mononoke's. The characters speak in an almost ritualistic, halting manner and say very little--combined with the bland creatures, it adds up to an incredibly dull package.

Queen's Blade, on the other hand, a far less ambitious series, and is essentially softcore bondage porn about medieval girls with massive breasts fighting each other--a lot of the drama seems to be concerned with who's going to be topless next. The size of the breasts make them a little too silly and the skin is a little too shiny for my taste, and the unrealistic armour deflates a lot of the tension for me, but if you happen to like those physical attributes, and you're into bondage, you might want to give this series a try. At the very least, you'll want to see the bunny girl with hands in her hair that squeeze her breasts to spray glowing pink, acidic milk on her enemies.

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