Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Internal Traffic Lights

Last night's tweets;

I see spaghetti is all around you.
It shouldn't be so hard to find parking.
Many must choose between yellow and blue.
To figure which way the sunset's sinking.

I'm running late to-day because I wasted a lot of time shopping for eyeglasses without ever finding what I want. There's really not much of a selection--I went all over the mall to every shop and department store that sells glasses, I saw hundreds of frames, but all of them were basically one of four models with slight variations--a pair of ovals, a pair of rectangles, Buddy Holly, and 1977 rapist/ham radio enthusiast with a superfluous bar connecting the lenses at the top. Doesn't anyone know about perfect circles anymore?

Maybe I oughta get a pair like this;

I also had to do a lot of grocery shopping and when I saw Soul Calibur 3 at the mall's new arcade, I couldn't resist beating it. It occurred to me the greatest thing about video games is that they are the one thing that truly gets my mind off things I might be obsessing about--not even alcohol does as good a job.

As I was leaving the house, there were a couple ravens making a racket outside. I took some hasty pictures;

That's a bad apple I was eating a couple days ago. The picture was still in my camera--forgot to post it. The juxtaposition reminds me of this illustration from one of my old web sites;

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