Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Devil in the Magazine

Twitter Sonnet #28

Have you told your Turkish bow about Christ?
What are they teaching you in wombs these days?
The fake text books are reasonably priced.
And provide protection from the sun's rays.
I see spaghetti is all around you.
It shouldn't be so hard to find parking.
Many must choose between yellow and blue.
To figure which way the sunset's sinking.
I now have seven cans of saltless soup.
I could tell the cashier was quite impressed.
Ravens have loudly let me in their loop.
Perks include severe reductions in rest.
I might need to be there for my murder.
I do hear they're knitting me a sweater.

Turned out the sweater was actually for a voodoo doll version of me. But if they're happy, I'm happy.

One of the hazards of sleeping during the day is that the noisy ravens outside can wake you up. But to-day I actually just spontaneously woke at 2pm, which was the time I set my alarm for, though my alarm failed to go off. I seem to have a pretty good internal alarm system, or maybe it's just that I don't sleep well.

Got lots of soup yesterday along with apples, peanuts, matriciana sauce, and flat bread, a different brand from what I normally get. It's a bit saltier and has a bit more of a buttery flavour than what I'm used to, but it's good. The sauce was excellent--Francis Ford Coppola's line has been consistently good.

I stocked up mainly because I wanted to not have to leave the house for a couple days. It seems like every day for the past couple weeks has presented its own set of distractions. So as of now I have only the first six pages of the next chapter drawn and inked and four completely coloured. To-day I'll just concentrate on drawing and inking the last two pages and finish the colouring to-night and to-morrow.

One of the smaller distractions yesterday (that was certifiably my fault) was watching Howard Stern's recent appearance on David Letterman and getting caught up watching previous Stern appearances on Letterman.

In this 1984 clip I saw exactly the rapist/ham radio enthusiast glasses I mentioned yesterday;

It's no wonder Stern lets other people dress him for appearances now--every article of clothing on him looks like it's exactly the wrong choice. It's sort of impressive. But maybe the most remarkable thing about this clip is that David Letterman actually seems happy. The contrast with the recent interview really emphasises the complete spiritual fatigue that seems to be weighing him down now. Equally remarkable is that Stern seems to be exactly the same guy now inside older skin.

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