Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Animal Revolution

Last night's tweets;

Scarecrows have subversive exercise plans.
Mongooses don't care about a nice ass.
Octopi have many attentive fans.
Lizards and cats fearlessly chew the grass.

I've repeatedly tried taking pictures of the lizards inevitably gathered on the back porch every day while I'm making breakfast, but they always scatter when I open the door. There was a particularly large one out there to-day, and I took this picture through the window;

So, for any first time visitors to this house, lizards are located in the back, daddy long legs are in the bathroom, spiders are in my bedroom, and rabbits are on the front lawn, mostly at night. By rabbits, I mean the animals, I don't want to get any exhibitionist masturbating women excited. Oh, wait, yeah I do.

Not much sleep to-day and I had lots of errands to run so I'm running a bit late now. Though I'm more or less on schedule, at least.

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