Thursday, October 29, 2009

From the Blank Soil of the Mind

Last night's tweets;

Sure is a bad time for me to be sick.
I hope a lighter meal is all I need.
A Zelda fairy now'd be fantastic.
Why can't problems ever be solved with mead?

The new Venia's Travels chapter is likely to be up a day or two later than usual. The reason I haven't been sleeping the past few days is that I've been getting up to pee every five minutes. I've also been hungry and unable to eat at the same time. After talking with my family a bit, and doing some googling, we're working under the theory that I've got a urinary tract infection, so I've been taking some antibiotics. To-day was the first sleep I've really had in days. Obviously, this is a bad time for this. I know a lot of people read the comic on Saturdays and Mondays, so it won't really matter, but to those hoping to read it to-night or Friday morning, it probably won't be up. I have five pages totally finished, plus another two mostly coloured and one I still haven't started. I can't have caffeine, but I'm going to try work on this thing to-night. We'll see how it goes.

Drinking cranberry juice with breakfast. Tastes totally different than I thought it would . . .
Happy birthday, Natalie.

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