Thursday, October 15, 2009

Princess Melee

Last night's tweets;

Sandwiches are bigger at a distance.
The mosquito is the art nouveau fly.
I'll sell you bird feed for less than tuppence.
Sleep deprivation's a natural high.

A watched a mosquito trying in vain to suck blood through my shirt yesterday. I shooed it away. But let it not be said I can't hurt a fly, because I threw out a plastic pie container to-day when I heard the rattling buzz of a housefly within.

My real life social world, I've realised, is 80% animals and insects. You know what? I'm Snow White. Snow muthafuckin' White, ya'll. Yeah, that's right. Snow. White. Check it.

I actually really want that new Snow White DVD, though I haven't heard of the guy doing the commentary. I guess he's probably a critic. At least the box tells you about the commentary, unlike the Sleeping Beauty DVD. I was driving around town yesterday and listened to the Sleeping Beauty soundtrack twice. I listened to it again to-day while drawing. It's so rare for me to listen to any album twice in a row, I must be going into another pretty princess phase.

I got mad when I saw there's finally a decent release of Goodfellas on DVD, years after I settled on the shitty double sided disk version I still have now. This new one has two commentaries worth listening to, one with Martin Scorsese and his crew, and another with Henry Hill himself along with the FBI agent who wrote the book with him upon which the movie's based. Hill calls into The Howard Stern Show now and then, and he can't hide the fact that he's still pretty much a scoundrel. That would be a hell of a commentary, I think. I liked the Jake LaMotta commentary on Raging Bull.

I have a lot of colouring to catch up on to-day so I'd better get to it. I'm depressed Artie Lange's been absent from Howard Stern all week, but at least there's George Takei . . .

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