Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dolls and Animated Trees

Last night's tweets;

No amount of dead Ents will yield a gem.
Cheap Chinese food bleeds soy sauce everywhere.
One hole in hell has a real bad modem.
Cam stonings are a tomato's nightmare.

I watched the new Dollhouse while I ate dinner last night. Directed by Commander Riker himself, Jonathan Frakes, it was better than Star Trek: Insurrection and certainly better than Thunderbirds. Though a lot of things about it didn't really make sense, particularly the end when Priya decides to become a doll again. Yet I enjoyed the melancholy music accompanied moral dilemma scene transitions in the episode. And I liked how Topher telling Priya her love for Victor was real carried a lot of weight. Poor puppy faced Victor, waiting all day in that spot for Sierra.

Otherwise yesterday was mostly an unbelievable amount of World of Warcraft, mostly at Tim's house. He and I ran through some dungeon in Desolace he'd never been in before and we fought a bunch of plants and rock monsters. I finally got to level 52 with my undead warrior and went rampaging in the Scarlet Monastery with the sword Dragon's Call. It's nice having little dragon babies appear randomly to help me out.

And I was overjoyed to find GG finally got around to subbing and uploading the twelfth episode of Zan Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei. I guess the translator who'd been working on the show previously had quit the group and it took them weeks to find a replacement. More or less an episode worth the wait. Seeing Itoshiki-Sensei and his students arguing about how to hide a dormant missile lodged in the ground outside the school couldn't fail to be fun.

The end of the episode features a short, fake television series called The Naughty Ms. Kaere which seems to be poking fun at the rampant fan service in new anime. I tried another new series, 11eyes, the other day and noticed that what both it and Kampfer have in common is that three seconds rarely go by without a panty shot. There's an unmistakable air of desperation about it, and I remembered Tim telling me how the anime industry's taken a big hit in the past couple years. It's kind of sexy, I guess, though kind of superfluous to anyone with access to porno, I'd think. It's still better than short skirts that magically conceal panties from every angle. Though on that subject, Tim tells me the new season of Inu-Yasha is actually quite good compared to the somewhat disappointing end of the previous season. I might need to catch up on that series--it's been too long since I've had any new Rumiko Takahashi anime to appreciate.

Happy Birthday, Sa Jathan.

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