Friday, October 30, 2009

Making Organs Useful

Last night's tweets;

Calculators oftentimes will not help.
Much is done with Satan's power of sloth.
Water's more easy going with some kelp.
A cop can sing or bust crime but not both.

Having a cup of coffee right now after going almost 48 hours without caffeine. I hope I'm well enough after two days of solid sleep blocks to drink the stuff that'll make me feel like myself again. So far so good. I think I'll keep drinking cranberry juice in any case. It turns out I rather like it.

So I did upload the new Venia's Travels at around 5am. No-one's more surprised than me that I finished it last night, but without caffeine, noticing any light or sound surprises me.

Even now, I'm having trouble forming thoughts or emotions. I guess I could be a Matrix battery still. Or a senator. Oh, hey, there's an opinion. Coffee bringing me back online by slow degrees.

Pretty much nothing to say about yesterday. I worked on my comic and listened to Howard Stern for about ten hours. Thank the gods for the Stern show. It's hard to imagine anything feeling like an emergency while listening to it.

I also watched an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with dinner. The night before, when I was feeling really shitty, I'd watched "Sleep Tight", an episode of Angel with which I felt a peculiar sympathetic panic as Wesley worried about Angel killing his baby. It's as though, as I sensed things going wrong with my body and anxieties about my lack of health insurance and otherwise inability to handle something truly serious, I projected those anxieties onto Angel's behaviour, and I actually got a little scared when he threw his spiked blood against the wall, shouting about his kid. I was so happy when he was back to himself by the end.

You know, I'm feeling so sorry I said David Boreanaz was bland. He actually has a kind of Harrison Ford quality.

I'm not sure what I'll do to-night. I guess I'll go over to Tim's. Maybe play some World of Warcraft. Go to the Western Plaguelands and kill things. It's nice being able to go back to the undead area, which I think is my favourite region in World of Warcraft. The colours are sort of Invader Zim-ish.

Almost done with my coffee. I can feel my brains opening slowly to life like flower petals or a vagina. Sweet, sweet, brain vagina. I swear it's the vagina part that turns me on the most. But, oh, brains . . .

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