Sunday, October 18, 2009

Grey Cat Mystery

Last night's tweets;

The drive through is littered with old corpses.
Grey wolves have shorter back legs than house cats.
Starship Enterprise bought mortgaged houses.
To Fred's eventually must return Fats.

An unexpected build-up of things I need to do to-day. I need to write the script for the next Venia's Travels, I need to work on the project for the winner of the auction for Moira, I need to get to the grocery store, and at some point I have to remember to brush my teeth.

Last night, Tim ran my undead warrior through The Sunken Temple in The Swamp of Sorrows--it's in a lake called "The Pool of Tears", an Alice in Wonderland reference I've always appreciated. The temple itself is slimy, filled with maggots, lizards, and dragons. Tim told me about going through the place the day before and barely surviving, even though he was using one of his characters in the high 70s. After he attacked one of the bosses it'd triggered hundreds of monsters to rush into the room and attack him.

I acquired several really useful items from the run, including my first purple item, a sword called Dragon's Call, which only has a 1% to 2% chance of appearing. I won't be able to use it until I level up three more times, but I'm pretty excited about the idea of randomly summoning a dragon while I'm fighting. Sort of reminds me of how Oden worked in Final Fantasy VII and VIII. I guess maybe the reason I haven't been able to get into World of Warcraft very much is that I've been totally neglecting the community aspect. I still don't see myself buying any of the add-ons, though.

The episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer I watched last night, "Gone", was one of my favourites of the series. It was nice seeing (so to speak) Buffy enjoy being invisible. I think this is the first episode I'd never seen before--I think magic junkie Willow episode actually compelled me to stop watching the show until halfway through the seventh season. If I'd waited just one more episode, things might have been different.

There was a mysterious big grey cat in the backyard a few moments ago. He or she was so big, I almost thought it was a raccoon. Poor Snow mewed pitifully a few times before he fled.

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