Saturday, October 10, 2009

Summer Ghosts and Careless Promises

At Tim's last night, I listened to him take part in a high level World of Warcraft raid with voice chat activated for everyone but him. There were two women and a thirteen year old boy. One of the women, who had a strong Brooklyn accent, had felt no restraint in cussing for the ears of the kid. ". . . get this fucking thing . . . have to level my fucking paladin . . . fucking low level quests, and I don't want to deal this shit . . . my son's about your age, the little fucker . . ." I found this incredibly refreshing.

To-day I watched the season premiere of Natsu no Arashi, which apparently came out on the 4th without my notice. Another nice comedy episode relying on Jun keeping her sex secret from Hajime, who's constantly taunting her to be more of a man. The show seems to keep finding new ways to show Hajime not figuring out Jun's a girl while it becomes increasingly obvious. The new season seems to have significantly ramped up the fan service, too--lots of superfluous animation of the ladies and lingering midriff shots. Someone who's not attracted to women might find it a bit tedious, but I think a lot of episodes of the first season are enjoyable regardless.

The new episode and the entire first season is viewable now on Crunchy Roll, a service that hosts streaming and downloadable subtitled anime--including several series being currently broadcast on Japanese television, the simulcasts sanctioned by the studios producing the shows, something I've been very much surprised has not happened sooner, given the obvious market for anime in English speaking countries.

I've just now gotten back from watching Jean Cocteau's Orphee with my sister, who'd never seen it. Still a great movie.

Twitter Sonnet #69

Flu keeps my scotch away with nausea.
You thought that this was Ceti Alpha VI!
Mutant soup's a can of panacea.
This desert planet yearns for genetics.
Cats can make quick moral support pit stops.
Cold wars make pretty busy warm widows.
There's no shortage of tasks for many cops.
The traffic wakes you cleaning your windows.
Water faces orange juice subjugation.
Holy nutrient powder burns like Hell.
Find baseball before inebriation.
To kids, titanium's an easy sell.
The ghosts remember bright, dizzy crushes.
Mario Kart races in monk's clutches.

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