Friday, September 17, 2010

Frenzies for Bread

The ducks have been in a frenzy lately;

Music is "Dirty Fight" from the soundtrack to the original Dirty Pair television series.

I took some stale buns down to the river last night, expecting to spend a relaxing ten minutes with the ducks. But the moment they saw me, they started walking towards me in a wave and all three buns were gone with blinding speed. To-day when I went down with another three buns, I only saw four ducks lounging under a tree. But the moment I tossed a bit of bread their way, a mob of ducks appeared from seemingly nowhere and the situation in the above film developed. One duck yanked a whole bun out of my hand, so it went even faster than last night. When I ran out, they tried to eat the camera, as you can see from the video, and after I shut off the camera I sat there a little while as they continually bit at my fingers and the tiny crumbs on my knees. I finally scared them off when I reached over a couple to take a small piece of plastic away from one, who I was afraid would choke on it.

This morning I watched Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's announcements for rallies they're going to hold on the National Mall, parodying Glenn Beck's rally. While I sympathise with Stewart's desire to promote a more reasonable approach to social and political issues, I don't quite agree with his usual perspective of both sides being equally paranoid. We're seeing Tea Party candidates, like Christine O'Donnell, actually win nominations. While at this point, I still think there's good reason to think this just means Democrats are going to win those seats, I do think it really says something scary about the intellectual laziness of the American people.

But I do hope Stewart and Colbert's rally draws enough people to make Glenn Beck's look appropriately ridiculous.

Twitter Sonnet #183

Bandit mirrors step through infinity.
Five step stairs are actually endless.
Furniture store fake books found Kennedy.
To normal thieves, cardboard locks are useless.
Soft suitcases ruin travel gardens.
Athletic mice forget the sequoia.
Amoral termites are heavy burdens.
Grape leaks with lucidity of Goya.
Amber paint crashed a plastic pink bottle.
A coffee's paper sleeve clothed naked mead.
Dolphins are much too silly to coddle.
There's no end to what water mammals need.
Impatient beaks break the web of old dough.
Simulated crops line a phoney row.

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