Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Noise is Too Bright

Last night's tequila's sitting on me to-day like a sobbing sumo wrestler. I don't want to do anything but press my face to the desk. Bloobity fuck, wa-ow.

I wrote the script for my comic's next chapter on Sunday, did the rough drawings yesterday, and felt like last night was my last night of freedom or whatever and I just completely did the vegetable. I messed around with Second Life, unable to find someone to play chess with. Then I took my tequila and played World of Warcraft with it, listening to Howard Stern and levelling to 43 with my rogue.

Everything was pretty much okay, but to-day I'm angry at the world and how it works. Why the fuck do people got to be so stupid to each other? It's like . . . I feel like stupid things are happening and there's nothing I can do about it. Fuck the stupid things, wherever the fuck they are . . .

Buwuuuh. Here's last night's spider in my bathroom. I named him Moses.

Twitter Sonnet #182

Beetle in prison stripes died at the curb.
Counterweight crescent sinks beyond night trees.
Pay monthly for a sign; "do not disturb."
Submerged light bulbs are simple to appease.
Three olives bond at martini bottom.
Foggy vodka dilutes the fish's shit.
Wonka made mint underwear for Adam.
Eve's vermouth proved her straw sweater's loose knit.
Digital beer gives a satyr prestige.
Backward water ruins a whole bottle.
Tarot card castles fall to cookie siege.
Fortune favours rubber fists on throttle.
Can't reach my browser however I click.
A square of hair leaves bald dreams greenly sick.

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