Friday, September 24, 2010

Hot Meat

There was something wrong with the shop connexion thing on my Kindle, so the copy of The Satanic Verses I'm reading now is an old fashioned, hard copy, trade paperback, and nothing does beat having a physical book in your hand. Of course, having a Kindle I can't ignore the fact that I can get a lot of the books I want to read from it for no more than a few cents, but it's nice to be able to simply flip open a book so I can transcribe a bit like this;

She made love like a cannibal and he was her long pork

Oh . . . All right. I know Rushdie's going for a metaphor about diets proscribed by religion, but this sentence can't fail to seem silly. Rushdie continues;

'Did you know,' he asked her, 'of the well-established connection between vegetarianism and the man-eating impulse?' Zeeny, lunching on his naked thigh, shook her head. 'In certain extreme cases,' he went on, 'too much vegetable consumption can release into the system biochemicals that induce cannibal fantasies.'

I found this rather interesting, as a vegetarian myself, but I must admit I've never fantasised about eating a human being. However, I cheered Snow on to-day for some reason as he psychologically tortured, before finally eating alive, this grasshopper;

I had a hard time thinking of music for this one, and ended up going to three different sources; The Bad Sleep Well soundtrack by Masaru Sato, the rescoring of the Tod Browning Dracula by Philip Glass and the Kronos Quartet, and the Ran soundtrack by Toru Takemitsu.

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