Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tight Strings

I dreamt last night I was having an affair with Mel Gibson's girlfriend (not Oksana). Only I didn't find out she was his girlfriend until she confessed it to me one night in her home, weeks after we'd started dating. "You need to get out of here," she warned. "He's coming for you."

The rest was a jumble of shadows and the sense of being pursued by grey bug eyes and the heavy breathing on the telephone that now seems to get used a lot as a sound gag on The Howard Stern Show. This was followed by a dream of photographing a giant butterfly swimming in an ocean.

I had a little trouble getting to sleep with my aching jaw, but I didn't have any particular trouble sleeping once I got there. Five years ago, a jaw ache would probably be just a minor annoyance, but now every little ache and pain worries me it's the tip of a distracting and expensive iceberg.

It's not really pain, in my jaw, though, it's just a sort of stiffness. I don't have any trouble distracting myself from it--it mainly gets noticeable when I'm bent over the drawing board. It's one of the things that's really making me look forward to being done with this comic lately. I've written an outline I think is going to be pretty permanent and it looks like the chapter I'm working on now will be fourth to last, with the last chapter going online on November 6th. I think I might just do nothing for two weeks after that and luxuriate in not being committed to anything. I envy how many of the people I know seem to be able to blow off things whenever they want to. It's a hard thing to do when you're working for your own vision, slacking off makes the universe look dismal. I know if I go too long without a project to chew on I start to go out of my mind, but I do need respite now and then.

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