Monday, September 20, 2010

Propulsion Angled for Endless Circles

Twitter Sonnet #184

Bee beer dreams bring hot mugs to the table.
Combined organs power transparent skin.
Goblins loiter in the padlocked stable.
A world sized ballroom has no new way in.
Cool container keeps a blue frozen troll.
A hundred boxes are all now unlocked.
So stuck Jack in the Box digs a black hole.
Key clowns demand who among them has talked.
Watery wine kicks slices of lemon.
The liver bedrock sags under the house.
Canada can see hockey in heaven.
Hair product polishes a sleepy louse.
Cold sweat burns the idea of a summer.
New devils sink in the coffin hummer.

Feel a bit shitty to-day and I'm not sure why. I finally got plenty of sleep. But everything I do to-day, it feels like I'd be happier doing something else. I keep jumping on lily pads and each one sinks a little.

Yesterday I went to my parents' house where my sister and I watched the MST3k episode featuring The Final Sacrifice, the film that introduced Zap Rowsdower to the world. It's a film that reminds us that Star Wars wouldn't work as well set in Alberta, with beefy guys in ski masks replacing storm troopers, a smirking dork in place of Darth Vader, and a portly, middle aged man with a mullet in place of Han Solo.

And I watched the new episode of Venture Brothers last night. The show's still managing a good balance between parody and sincere characterisation.

My jaw has felt weird for a couple days. I'm not sure if I want to describe it as sore, or tight, or like it's made of plastic. It's strange and distracting. I hope it goes away soon and isn't related to my cavities.

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