Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Don't Ask for Whom the Android Laughs Because He Doesn't Laugh at All

Twitter Sonnet #210

Bad long bow accidents maim strings for life.
Bad wolf high school students won't kill math deer.
Omelette man takes the yolk dame for a wife.
Whiskey ogres slaughter defenceless beer.
A real flightless bird never checks his coat.
Lights dim for a nest of newborn cigars.
Soft flammable logs in wind hold your note.
Movie meetings can use talking guitars.
Leopard hearts can't be spelt with letter U.
Toxic toffee taints the Wonka mill pond.
Howls misprinted from coyotes aren't new.
Beeps are blurred when the road runners respond.
JalapeƱo tears drop from the cheese sky.
Targets conquer their own evil bull's-eye.

I'm rather tired now from a day of having accomplished very little. Lots of getting stuck in traffic while trying to Christmas shop. As soon as I'm done writing this entry, I'm heating some sake and listening to Howard Stern, and maybe I'll try to sign onto WoW. I suppose I could say I'm having sake in honour of George Takei being on The Howard Stern Show all week. I saw Brent Spiner's getting shit on Twitter for talking about how he hopes Stern's not going off the air at the end of this year, when his contract with Sirius/XM expires. I'm surprised there isn't more tension among Star Trek fans for Takei's involvement with the show, but then, it's not like I hang out with circles of Trekkies, so maybe they're regularly incensed. It's hard to imagine such an infamously sexually repressed group dealing with this stuff easily.

Spiner's apparently wanted to get on the Stern Show for a while now to discuss, according to one Stern Show correspondent, how "badly" his career's gone, post-Star Trek. I suppose Gates McFadden's fared worse, and despite Marina Sirtis' small role in the Paul Haggis Crash and a starring role in the Sci-Fi Channel's Grendel (a hilariously bad Beowulf adaptation), she's probably not doing as well as Spiner either. Still, considering he was considered second only to Patrick Stewart in terms of prominence on the show, one I suppose could've reasonably expected him to have a Leonard Nimoy-ish post Star Trek career.

He can at least say he had a part, if a tiny and completely undistinguished part, in a Martin Scorsese movie (The Aviator). But I think part of the problem is that he was so very different as Data. Even on the show, when a possessing spirit, Q's magic, or an emotion chip caused Data to smile for some reason, he instantly stopped being that character. Something about the way his jaw would suddenly look soft and big when he smiled or laughed.

His nose may have been too badass for people to take, too. But the thing is, unlike Nimoy, who used his natural cool, Spiner's own more effusive personality subtly spilling out around the edges is what made Data work. And he was never really interesting in any other role, most importantly he wasn't as interesting in the TNG movies, when he had an emotion chip, which was always a big part of why those movies didn't work as well as the movies based on the original series.

With the recent reboot movie, the possibility of another Next Generation movie seems even less likely now. My hope is that a new movie with a cgi Data voiced by Spiner will come along at some point, maybe taking place in one of the alternate universes from the final episode of Next Generation. The distinctive Enterprise-D would need to come back too, you see, because the E was so bland I doubt anyone can clearly remember what the bridge looked like.

By the time any such movie had even the chance of happening, cgi just might be well enough up to the task, too. I was sort of tempted to see the new Disney movie, Tangled, except I couldn't help thinking how much I'd rather see an old fashioned cell animated movie. Thank the gods for Japan. I honestly don't understand why Americans invariably prefer full length animated movies be done with computer now.

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