Sunday, December 05, 2010

Grey Woman and Grey Skies

Speaking of tsundere, I was going to mention I thought Eldrad in the Doctor Who serial "The Hand of Fear" kind of started out feeling a little tsudere-ish.

It was disappointing when she transformed in the final episode not only into a big guy but also into a more standard, teeth gnashing, moustachioed Doctor Who villain. It completely junked the quiet development of Eldrad just starting to trust the Doctor and Sarah after being used to betrayal and being alone in situations both frightening and dangerous.

I did rather like the final scenes between the Doctor and Sarah though, for which I suspect the Eldrad story might have been cut short. The Wikipedia entry says Elisabeth Sladen and Tom Baker wrote their own dialogue for that last scene, and as usual it's more human than normal for the show in a very good way.

Though actually I was rather pleased by the genuine, old school Sci-Fi feel of "The Hand of Fear," where most of the first two episodes dealt with imagining the nature and structure of a lifeform made of stone.

But girl-type Eldrad was so sexy one laments the lost opportunity for a stronger romantic or at least sexual subplot. One can't blame the Doctor for wanting to cop a feel.

Here are some pictures from the walk I took to-day;

I snapped these pictures of the guys riding past me as almost reflex actions. I'm amazed they turned out as nice as they did.

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