Monday, December 27, 2010

"It's Not 'Comforting', Cheery or Kind"

Okay. I'm willing to concede that a lot of my feelings of disappointment about President Obama may be leaping somewhat rashly over some subtly won political victories. But there's no fucking excuse for the president to go out of his way to congratulate the Philadelphia Eagles for giving Michael Vick a job. The fact that Obama might be getting support for this "from all sides" twists the sickening to eleven.

Howard Stern was ranting about Michael Vick a couple weeks ago, and I'm echoing some of his thoughts when I say, yeah, guys who've served their time deserve a chance at a decent life. But playing for the NFL in this world is a decadent fucking privilege. And maybe Michael Vick is sorry. I'd have an easier time buying that if he maybe shot a dog once in a fit of passion. But what we're talking about is a lifestyle, a subculture. Read the Wikipedia entry, unless you're trying hard to avoid throwing up. Maybe it's enough to just imagine the kind of treatment a dog might need to receive to be mad enough to kill, all the time.

But hey, at least we can enjoy Vick in his shiny tights running around with a ball. We're free to project our feelings of hope and allegiance on his mighty frame. I gotta get out of this fucking country.

And here I was feeling all rockabilly to-day and ate lunch at In and Out Burger. I got the grilled cheese with onions off the secret menu. I wear a leather jacket and a fur hat, so I'd be a hell of hypocrite to get on people's cases about eating meat. But show some fucking class, assholes.

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