Saturday, February 05, 2011

Attend Radioactive Conduits

Twitter Sonnet #230

Chilly apples liquefy for old film.
Clear cloth wraps the innocent new mummy.
Imitation fruit Runt eyes gird the realm.
Dry hands crackle electric Gin Rummy.
Three sided coins ignite in the eight ball.
Squid man posters project upside down grins.
Rubber chips flake off the mad spongy wall.
When Swamp Thing has a gun, nobody wins.
Circling sewer spirits spit their soda.
Root beer dribble contaminates the lake.
Bubbling cola thoughts plague barracuda.
Under giant fireflies they soon bake.
Cocoanuts connect with fate's red thin thread.
Aliens won't distinguish breast from head.

I see Anderson Cooper's leaving Egypt. That's probably a good idea. I think he was assaulted, what, three times? I'm pretty sure he got it worse than any other prominent western reporter. He should've brought Kathy Griffin to protect him.

There was some discussion of the situation in Egypt in my History class a few days ago. One girl hadn't heard anything at all about it because, she said, she didn't have cable. I was reminded there are large portions of the population that still get their information and entertainment through television, and a slightly smaller portion who don't have TiVo and are forced to go by television network schedules.

There's a nostalgia synapse firing in me somewhere asking if life was better when I had to arrange and remember to be at the television at a certain time whenever I wanted to see something specific, or when I discovered new things just by seeing "what's on." Generally I develop new interests by following chains of my favourite artists' interests--if the author of one book likes another, I'll check that one out, if a director I like is influenced by another director, I'll check out that director.

Though, when I'm roaming around on Second Life, I do run into internet radio stations exposing me to random things. That's how I discovered I rather dig Nicki Minaj.

Like most rap, I'm still put off by how much her lyrics seem to be about how great she is, but I love her vocal stylings. She actually seems to have a range of emotion, unlike a lot of rap which tends to grey itself out with monotone anger, like irate auctioneers. A good contrast to Minaj is this "diss" of her by Lil Kim. Kim's delivery is so lifeless, it's particularly sad that she seems to think she's getting Minaj good somehow.

I have a big headache to-day. I want coffee so much . . . I guess I'll just have to keep making do with water.

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