Friday, July 20, 2012

Pigeon and Other Things

The new Echo Erosion is online. It makes robbing pawn shops look easy.

I've been reading about the shooting at a premiere screening of The Dark Knight Rises. So many people seem to be trying to digest what the juxtaposition of the movie and the crime means, if anything. There will inevitably be people who say the movie or the comics inspired the violence. Mostly for me it underlines the horror of such a crime when it's carried out in a place designed for people to appreciate art. Creativity, the best of human endeavours, contrasted with destruction. Killing isn't imagination, it's the opposite.

Twitter Sonnet #407

Vines express the scalding sofa brake pad.
Petal potato chips pinken the bed.
Fan blade lashes lick telephones like mad.
Dominos nudge when the next click is said.
Bruising brushes build portfolios slow.
Eight bit egg shaped bottles squeeze the perfume.
Unused cobwebbed Nerf bats bend with each blow.
Eyelid fires yet need nerves to consume.
Easy storms struggle across the train lip.
Marble oceans shred the fields of dark crop.
Curling pasta strains a bright sauceless tip.
The quakes of stapled hills cannot be stopped.
Boiled nebulae burnish the hot black.
Lipstick travels to a vest's violent slack.

shooting, batman, the dark knight rises, art, echo erosion

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