Monday, July 23, 2012

Questionable Perspective

I dreamt last night I was parked outside my friend Tim's house near a busy freeway--not where he lives in reality--and I was playing with some Han Solo and Chewbacca action figures when I was approached by a large woman with frizzy black hair and dressed in a pink and blue leotard. I instinctively knew she was Satan and she asked for my help, grinning, as though not caring at all that it made it obvious she was lying to me. Her stoic faced friends showed up, all devils, all of them looking like people from 80s exercise videos with sweatbands and the guys with gross curly black hair peeking over the edges of their leotards. Mister Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas was with them. I was overcome with a feeling of absolute despair and then I was stunned by the sound of the TARDIS and saw it materialising in the street behind them and I woke up, realising my alarm, which chooses a random mp3 to wake me up with, had played a recording of the original Doctor Who theme I have that begins with the TARDIS materialisation sound effect.

As if my mind weren't already soaked with media references. One of the reasons I made my comics take place in another galaxy and in a fantasy world was to try and discourage myself from making references to media and the floodgates seem to be open with Echo Erosion. I wrote the chapter five script yesterday and there are three references it's very probable most of my readers won't be familiar with. Well, I guess that's why we have Google.

I finally got around to reading the new story in the latest Sirenia Digest to-day, which was in my inbox before Comic Con but I only just now got around to reading. I wish a week would come along where I had nothing scheduled. Anyway, the story, "QUIET HOUSES", is pretty good and does an interesting experiment with POV. I still remember when Caitlin detested the whole idea of using first person perspective because she needed a context for the narrator, a reason they're setting down the story. Here we have a story that acts like a third person narrative, and then halfway through shifts gears to rely on the fact that not only is the narrator a character but that the character has lied to us about one of the characters she's describing. It's an interesting idea, it provides a bit of a disorienting kick.

Twitter Sonnet #408

The bogarted old idea is needed.
Germane jigsaw soy milk hardens online.
Marks of ice go from six to a hundred.
Heartless always want to plunder the Rhein.
Lava spirals can't write letters too straight.
English contorts the milk mirror to-day.
Js and しs meet as the Pacific bait.
Gas giant ounces are too fast to weigh.
Enormous numbers of single grains swim.
Strawberry leaves vindicate the college.
Power unpaid makes the radish too dim.
Cruel cookies can be ironic roughage.
Dribbling fingers found a concrete distance.
Park petunias missed Edna Purviance.

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