Saturday, December 22, 2012

Brain Distracting Time

I just received a phone call from the sheriff who told me the bicyclist I hit last week, or who hit me, was totally uninjured and that I wasn't at fault for the accident. Which is good to know. So, school's done, Christmas shopping's done, and I haven't injured anyone. Maybe I can try to relax now. Or get busy with something else. I guess I'll start with lunch.

Here are some pictures of Chess Garden decorated for Christmas. The Victorian Christmas tree is by Vita's Boudoir (I trimmed off half the decorations) and the mesh cat avatar is by Zooby;

Twitter Sonnet #459

Tissue sky clobbers bubble gum at Pong.
Five cards coalesce in a long household.
Bare feet prove pickles are cucumbers wrong.
Cheese will freeze wherever scotch is sold.
Blue gods have hidden the saltwater trout.
Planetoid assholes wreck the radar dish.
Robot affection stills the woodwind spout.
The true Skittles were ancient jelly fish.
Old green heroes swerve to avoid the cross.
Albatross chimes sting the computer brow.
Cardboard pyramids fall under thin moss.
Tartan streets will net decent cognac now.
No cotton quantity could encumber
Successful socks deployed in great number.

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