Saturday, December 01, 2012

Duck Update or "Duckdate"

I went to feed the ducks yesterday, the first chance I'd had to in about a week, and found to my relief the white ducks seem to have been adjusting well.

Normally when I feed the ducks, I've observed there are a few of what I think of as "guard ducks" who stay at the perimeter of the feeding frenzy and even avoid bread I throw directly to them. I noticed one of the two white ducks taking this role yesterday while the other one, though he was on the front lines of those feeding, had grown far more cautious.

So it was good to see that they'd assimilated into society. They looked healthy too.

Last night I dreamt I saw the Doctor Who fiftieth anniversary special and that it consisted of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors going together to visit alternate dimensions where the Doctor stopped at various regenerations, finding each one gradually more spiritually and physically worn down by the stasis. It wasn't a bad concept, I guess, but I hope the real anniversary special is better.

Twitter Sonnet #452

Tin sentries pose a cannibal carol.
Urological callipers pluck rents.
Galloping corrosives mar the barrel.
After dinner deviants destroy mints.
Chef showers bare ingredient bosoms.
Remembering recipes for Leonard;
Tattoos innumerate faux orange blossoms
Garnishing the bowls of beauty custard.
Complicated bows betide a terror.
Red Vines vandalise the liquorice sin.
Expensive popcorn's cinema error.
Marbles are the hard boils of round men.
Bad frame rate cats acclaim the new sunrise.
The middle of the night gleamed in surprise.

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