Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Paper Terms

I guess this'll be my last blog from the school Tech Mall for a while. How sad. I'm so tired. I got up too early, added a paragraph to my term paper, went to Office Depot to get the manila folder it had to be turned in in. People don't know how to drive. Everyone seemed to be just milling around the mall where the Office Depot was located. I suppose it didn't help the street had been repaved and it was left up to our memories to know where the lines are supposed to be demarcating turn lanes.

Still not as crowded at the malls as previous years. I guess that's okay, I forgive you, humanity. Just don't kill the mall, my beloved sterile microcosm.

I was already looking forward to Django Unchained but I got really excited from this bit in The Guardian's review;

Django proves himself an able assistant and a brilliant gunfighter and Schultz is electrified to learn that Django is married to a woman (Kerry Washington) whose German owners taught her the German language and named her Brünnhilde, which her subsequent ignorant purchasers mishear as "Broomhilda".

I'm picturing Christoph Waltz, as Schultz, getting caught up in the romance of rescuing Brunnhilde. That's going to be great.

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