Monday, February 04, 2013

Games and Hate

Looks like the page numbers in the syllabus for my British Literature II class are for the older edition of the book so I guess I'll just read everything my book has on Robert Burns and William Blake to prepare for to-morrow's quiz. I could think of worse ways to spend the evening. It's only too bad I have to do math homework too.

Yesterday I again got caught up in the Superbowl in spite of myself. I almost arbitrarily rooted for the Ravens. Partly I was turned against the 49ers because of an interview with Artie Lange where Chris Culliver of the 49ers made some very casually hateful comments about homosexuality. Though, as Lange noted, "that's the NFL", and I assume the players for the Ravens are likely just as homophobic. At least it hasn't been publicised. I mean, it seemed as good a reason as any to root for the Ravens. Plus, I prefer the team that uses an animal head as its insignia.

Lange noted on his show Friday that the NFL needs "a gay Jackie Robinson." I heard a player who came out after retirement some months ago on Lange's show, but I guess there haven't been any openly gay players.

Anyway, how 'bout that game? People were running and sometimes carrying a ball. I mean, did you see that?

Okay, I have to admit even I was impressed when that guy ran across the entire field to make a touchdown. Not as impressed as I was by Beyonce's thighs, though.

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