Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ass Math

I'm very short on time to-day due to a text book that arrived late for the math class I started on Monday. Once I gave up on Amazon delivering it to-day (when it was supposed to be here yesterday), I bought the Kindle version and struggled through a bunch of word problems that were assigned as homework. The textbook is called Crossing the River with Dogs and it looks like this class is going to be all word problems. The teacher is entirely too much of what is widely considered to be fun for my taste. I'd hoped to get another math class like my last one, where we never worked in groups and no-one ever got to know each other. Nice and blissfully antisocial.

Now it seems I have a debt of socialising karma to pay; "This class is going to be fun!" the teacher informed us on Monday before revealing we'll be working in groups for every class session including tests. Tests will be done in groups. Fucking hell. At least this'll be the last math class I'll ever have to take.

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