Friday, August 02, 2013

Where the Comics Are

A few days ago, I was woken by a light, arrhythmic tapping sound. I searched about in the clutter on my bedside table and found the flyer one of the women in this photograph gave me was being hit by the breeze from my ceiling fan.

When I posted the photo with my Comic Con reports, I misidentified the two women as performers in "some kind of Sherlock Holmes burlesque show". Turns out they were actually promoting a comic, a time travel, Sherlock Holmes, steampunk adventure comic called The Legion of Molly Doves.

I should say that if I misidentify you as a burlesque performer, it's a compliment. Unless you're a stripper, then it's kind of an insult--strippers always trump burlesque performers, however talented the burlesque performer may be.

Now that I've won the hearts of women everywhere, I'd like to mention I'm selling The Casebook of Boschen and Nesuko at DriveThru Comics now. This means when you buy it--it's still only one dollar--you'll receive it instantly. Also, DriveThru comics provides an eight page sample of the 25 page comic, the first eight pages, so if you haven't bought your own copy of The Casebook yet, now's your chance to see a bit of what it's all about for free. Be sure to rate it!

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