Saturday, August 31, 2013

Clear Paint

I had an annoying dream last night. Two or three very large extended families came over to the house for a party. People came into my room while I slept to "clean" it, removing most of my possessions and knocking over my computer monitor to break it. Rambunctious children stole a bunch of my things and opened a secret passage behind my computer which I've dreamed of before--it leads to a long, shining steel corridor, like old fashioned Dalek decor.

I got to sleep just after 11:30 last night, easily getting up just before 8am to-day. The workmen have been getting here even earlier and staying later--until 6:30pm yesterday--but fortunately they've stopped blasting country music so I've stopped blasting Wagner and mariachi music. But they're even here to-day, Saturday. Whenever I get up early on Saturday, an old hard wired instinct manifests again compelling me to watch cartoons. This morning I watched Urusei Yatsura and the second episode of Ranma 1/2 from the new Blu-Ray release. And what an exceptionally nice Blu-Ray release it is.

It's so sharp, it's like looking at a flipbook of original painted cells. The animation in the first season of Ranma, too, remains impressive. There's so much careful little moments of business to help establish character you simply never see in anime anymore.

Twitter Sonnet #542

Peaches collect below the guillotine.
Lemons choke a stained stucco alley.
Pineapples are stripped bare in the canteen.
Tomatoes ride storms and are called Sally.
Oranges jam signals to the marmalade.
Strawberry birth signs lead to the bonnets.
Grape eyes wind up in the bloody Kool Aid.
Pomegranates have seen enough sonnets.
Apricots analyse the bright beehive.
Plums will soak wine in a normal bowler.
Pears can parse the dead from the slow alive.
Dates can get stuck in the second molar.
Cherries crack the bowl not even or odd.
Blackberries write strange numbers in the sod.

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