Friday, August 08, 2014

Nesuko's Awkward Flirting with Two Sexes at Once

Happy birthday, Elizabeth Bathory, another free chapter of The Casebook of Boschen and Nesuko is online.

To-day is also Terry Nation's birthday.

Classic DW - Season 1 - The Daleks - The Dead... by 221btardis

The next free chapter of Boschen and Nesuko will be up on Ray Bradbury's birthday which is two weeks from now--the free chapters will now be published once every two weeks. This'll give me time enough to work on issue five of the comic. I'd planned for five to be the final issue but I'm not sure I can wrap the story up at this point. We'll see.

I woke a little too early to-day from a dream where my sister and I were in a warehouse in 1930s China filled with people sitting on metal folding chairs listening to a speech. There was concern that there were Communist sympathies in the audience. My sister and I laughed at something we saw written on a column. In the evening, she and I walked home through my old neighbourhood with our brother--we don't have a brother in real life. This person in the dream was tall, slightly older than me, making him the eldest, pale, and had black hair and green eyes. I was showing them something funny I saw on YouTube on my iPad (I don't own in iPad in reality) when someone asked, "Is that pornography?" The speaker was a tall woman, taller than my brother, with red hair in bowl cut, a round face, enormous, bug eyed glasses, a button down denim long sleaved shirt over a broad, sloping gut and dark blue slacks.

"No," I said. "Are you security?"

"No," she said. "That looks like pornography to me."

It wasn't pornography but I wondered if she was reacting to some relatively harmless reference to sex in the clip. "Are you a vigilante?" I asked her, at which point my sister and brother walked on, perhaps sensing I might be starting trouble.

"No," said the woman.

"Do you fight for justice?" I asked. She didn't answer and just stared at me.

Twitter Sonnet #654

Dehydrated blackboard cracks the crystal.
Corkscrew shrubbery skitters on the gun.
Red giant Macbeth hands squeeze the thistle.
Blurry water pressure pushed up the sun.
Encroaching kelp came for the clear coffee.
Strengthened sand returned to powerful dust.
Evil was pulled with the pepper toffee.
Salty salads rejoined the Burroughs bust.
Sky length noodle bowls descend on Pilate.
Reddened hands reach up to Lady Macbeth.
Reflections ripple and taint the palette.
Brain surgery pawns present half a death.
Shrieking youth boils in the metal can.
Bathory's blood darkened the Dalek man.

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