Saturday, August 23, 2014

The New Face is Old Again

The Doctor doesn't always look like Peter Capaldi. But when he does, he prefers scotch.

He even speaks with a Scottish accent, making him sort of the second Doctor to do so, after Sylvester McCoy who spoke in a kind of Scottish accent. Not ginger, yet again, as the running gag goes. I kind of hope the next Doctor is a ginger woman so we can have a moment where she looks in the mirror and goes, "Oh! Finally! It's happened, the change I've longed for has taken place! I am--ginger! Ginger at last.

"Ah, oh, and a woman. Okay, fine, I guess. But ginger!"

Anyway, I'm wandering. The new episode finally aired to-day, "Deep Breath", the first new episode since the 2013 Christmas special, the first regular episode in more than a year. And it's really good, Capaldi's every bit as good as the Doctor as I thought he'd be, a colder, more contemplative Doctor.

The episode also happens to be one of the best Vastra and Jenny episodes, Vastra being given the Brigadier's "Here we go again" line from the Fourth Doctor's first appearance. Which actually makes me realise that Vastra is a far more suitable successor to the Brigadier than Kate Stewart. Vastra even coordinates with the police--might as well set the show in the Victorian era more often.

This was easily Jenny's best episode, too.

Moffat didn't make the mistake this time of basically turning the two women into foils for Strax who is still amusing in a supporting role. He has two lines about undressing Clara, Vastra has one, and considering how much she was naked in the Christmas special there seems to be a general inclination on the show to disrobe Ms. Oswald. Maybe it's best not to read too far into it.

I'm still not convinced by Vastra and Jenny in ninja gear. Jenny shines much more in dialogue here and I like her applauding Clara when she's interrogated by Vastra. I really liked Vastra doing so in a veil and the general theme of the episode of appearances and truth, fitting nicely with Clara's adjustment to the Doctor's new older appearance. It's too bad Capaldi has insisted there be no hint of romance between his Doctor and Clara but the subject was great fodder for the last segment of the episode.

And I happen to wish there were more instances of platonic relationships between men and woman in media. It's just, it seems like the Doctor and Clara would be really great. I suppose there's always slash fic.

Actually, I mind the two of them not getting together a lot less than the fact that apparently Clara's getting another boyfriend later in the season. I anticipate superfluity personified.

I really liked the look of this restaurant in "Deep Breath". And I loved the villain. It was all around good.

The Doctor's talking to horses and dinosaurs now, I wonder if he's on track to being vegetarian again--Robert Holmes made the Doctor vegetarian in the Sixth Doctor story The Two Doctors and this was kept up until the Ninth Doctor was seen eating a steak. I prefer the Ninth Doctor to the Sixth generally but in my opinion it makes more sense for the Doctor to be vegetarian.

In any case, I'm happy that he's drinking again.

Twitter Sonnet #659

Connected crypts confound the cracked undead.
Phantom webbing always awaits Sabu.
Grecian urns planted Greeks in the rose bed.
Spectator shoes are the Windsor's taboo.
Cubical clouds clamp on short sleeved workers.
Later trapezoids ground grassy wire.
Collapsing grey buildings stun the lurkers.
The unsure stay huddled by the fire.
Colourless schools grew tiny on the couch.
Numbers compared'll reveal northern hair.
Ruse was not residents of the big pouch.
Flaming scales'll watch a glowing green fair.
Discus hats return to stony scalps late.
Boomerang relatives retrieve the mate.

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