Monday, November 22, 2010

Abundance of Damp

Twitter Sonnet #205

Cheap sets smother good effects and action.
Normal body builders can dream of space.
There are some clots can't form around suction.
A wrong man won't help by changing his face.
The soul's scalp ever grows frizzy black hair.
Winning empty bottles evades lost men.
A good staircase copies a single stair.
Neutrality becomes the roaming hen.
High proof promises are made by soy cream.
Soft asteroids are gummed by an old god.
Zeus's bronzer's not safe as it might seem.
The new Nestle mud makes swamplands smell odd.
Leafy deities bring harvests by can.
Under their brown feathers ducks need no tan.

It rained most of the weekend, causing the river to overflow, so I went out and got pictures yesterday;

The ducks were exploring their newly expanded territory.

The hawk again.

There were dozens of slugs making their way across the concrete path. I used a leaf to rescue this one;

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