Thursday, November 04, 2010

Venia and the Last Gratuitous Shot of Wircelia's Vagina

The last chapter of Venia's Travels is now online. Well, that only took two years and four months. Please enjoy. Now time for me to chill the fuck out.

Twitter Sonnet #199

Battleship foreheads grow red and white pins.
The game's chute is female to ladder's male.
Quarries count four leafed nuggets lucky wins.
Plain ore's becoming fast beyond the pale.
Transformer changes to a different wreck.
Shiny rust gives new life to old crock pots.
Smiling giraffe doll has a broken neck.
Bending yard sticks measure space with dark spots.
Dark pools void of reflection eat long scarves.
Stencilled muppets walk the bad mustard street.
Cartoon babies decide which athlete starves.
Bald hand monsters eat only jaundiced feet.
Cheap burritos except lines of blank fish.
Seafood strips shine the coat of a bean dish.

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