Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Enlisting More Knives, Plastic, and Metal

This, day three of a fabulous week of dental appointments, has already seen me visiting a new surgeon located on a lonely hill by a freeway overpass. I watched a twenty minute video about getting my wisdom teeth pulled and had more x-rays taken. I've gotten used to asking, "How much is this going to cost?" before letting anyone do anything despite facing the typical, brusque, "Let's just do everything we can without question because your health is of paramount importance to us," demeanour.

When I asked how much the x-ray would cost, the nurse looked at me in some confusion before telling me, "One hundred twenty."

"One hundred twenty dollars?" I asked.


"Say, that's not bad!" Even now, I can still scarcely believe I got an x-ray for under a thousand dollars. I also managed to talk them out of putting me to sleep when they actually extract the teeth on Friday, which'll save some money. Physical pain and some swelling for a couple weeks are nothing compared to knowing I'm not going to have to start begging family members for more money. This corpse of mine's such a fucking nuisance.

My new hard drive came in the mail yesterday, after days of my old pair of hard drives not having any trouble. Tim and I, between the two of us, couldn't even figure out which of the two was going bad. So we swapped out the oldest for the new one, which means I'm going to have to replace a lot of Doctor Who episodes, but I'm used to it being much worse when something happens with my computer.

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